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Berwin Jobs gives employers access to millions of good candidates. Our aim is to provide best in class recruitment tools, processes and hardworking candidates for your vacancies. Our aim is to reduce the youth unemployment rate in the country.


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Get suitable candidate for your positions when you need them. At GHS 80.00, you are assured of us catering for your hiring needs by providing you with Curriculum Vitae’s from our database (a minimum of 20) and training your candidate on your core values and customer services as well as enlisting your postings on our Premium Jobs for a month.


Hiring At Scale

Access our full suite of talent acquisition and applicant tracking tools. Our annual plan is a better value for those who are consistently hiring. Request a quote- 0203797200.

  • Structured Interviews
  • Applicants Tracking
  • Applicants tracking


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Our advance job search engine can help you find your preferred job based on the criteria you provide. You can search for jobs based on terms such as job category, salary range, qualification, shift, experience, location etc. We are at your service and always on standby to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you face any difficulties in searching for a job listing.